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De Geest van Delfshaven

the­atre piece 2010/2011

De Geest van Delfshaven, foto: Léon Richard
foto: Léon Richard

direc­tion, pro­duc­tion, play­wright: De The­ater­straat
record­ings, sound design, foley, com­po­si­tion, edit­ing: Sonoscoop

Dur­ing a tour around Delf­shaven in Rot­ter­dam, chil­dren have to solve rid­dles to give eter­nal rest to a ghost. There­fore, hints are pro­vided via an mp3 player and the envi­ron­ment. As a crossover of radio play and street the­ater, the piece is being staged in spring 2011.

Some parts can be accessed by the play but­ton below.

To You They Are Quiet

Based on a pro­grammed loop­ing machine for micro­phone input.

You filled the gaps, yes every­where the walls are sealed. Our uni­verse won’t leak no more, you swore and I would not believe.

To have a look at all the wires work­ing peace­fully in the back­ground, see the patches section

Go You Will Go

What if I told you the words, would they freeze your palm? Dis­tract you from mov­ing, like a centipede’s night­mare? Would they freeze your palm?


recorded by Toshi Trebess, 2007

And if it’s pas­sion that he’s miss­ing, I politely locked it up. I don’t like its awful sound.