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Wohnzimmer – das Private wird Klang

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So entsteht aus vie­len Wohnz­im­mern ein Instrument

Was geschieht, wenn man den Klang unter­schiedlicher Wohnz­im­mer übere­inan­der schichtet? Welche Schön­heit ent­fal­tet der Klang am Ende und wer­den pri­vate Rück­zug­sorte dann greif­bar? Solchen Fra­gen will das Kun­st­pro­jekt “Wohnz­im­mer” an der Schnittstelle zwis­chen Klangkunst, Fel­dauf­nahme und Community-Arts nachge­hen. “Wohnz­im­mer” ist im Grunde nichts anderes als ein akustis­cher Kettenbrief.

Man braucht:

  • USB-Stick mit den Auf­nah­men der Vorgänger
  • Laut­sprecher, z.B. Hifi-Anlage
  • Auf­nah­megerät, z.B. Smartphone
  • Inter­netverbindung
  • Wohnz­im­mer

Hier ist die Anleitung:


Die Auf­nahme war schon bei Ihnen und Sie haben mit­gemacht? Danke! Sie haben Prob­leme? Schade. Weiter unten geht’s zum Trou­bleshoot­ing.
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Sound Design for The Little Prince

Cre­at­ing those sound­scapes took me tons of syn­thetic star­dust, a floor-shaking plane crash, a bunch of green peas and some secret ingre­di­ents (such as pre­tend­ing a car wash were a vol­cano). And then he sud­denly appeared from outer space: The Lit­tle Prince. A warm thank you goes out to every­body who watched this kids opera between 3 and 4 Feb­ru­ary 2018, com­posed by Basti Bund. Staged by Stiftss­ingschule Laufen, Germany.

Der kleine Prinz

Der kleine Prinz – A kids opera by Basti Bund, book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, sound design by Kathrin Grenzdörffer

Sausage soup and splashing stars

Then we cov­ered the win­dows so the pilots wouldn’t see our Christ­mas tree glow and bomb us,” the 80 year old lady recalls her child­hood in the 1940s. I had the plea­sure to record, edit and mix the con­ver­sa­tions with res­i­dents of a retire­ment home talk­ing about what Christ­mas means to them and what has changed over the decades. Repeat­edly, they insisted on the rel­e­vance of sausage soup on the plate and splash­ing stars on the tree. Their com­ments, inter­mit­ted by them singing Christ­mas car­ols, turned into a pre­cious doc­u­ment of warm voices that carry the joy and the pain of a long life.
Cre­ated in Novem­ber and Decem­ber 2017, an ini­tia­tive by Gitti Edel­mann from Senioren­wohn­heim St. Niko­laus, Obern­dorf, Austria.

Here goes a sound exam­ple of a tra­di­tional Bavar­ian Christ­mas Carol.

Artis­tic direc­tor Gitti Edel­mann catch­ing cables

The com­plete record­ing of 30′ can be acquired by send­ing me a message.

Not Red

Not Red at Lake Studios

How to react to move­ment with only sound? On 16 Decem­ber 2016 I had the chance to accom­pany the impro­vised dance piece “Not Red” by Jen­nifer Ocampo and Jas­minka Stenz. It was an inspir­ing evening of con­tem­po­rary dance, also thanks to the open dis­cus­sion after­wards at Lake Stu­dios Berlin.

Quelle und Echo: Banaszyk

Here goes a lovely video edit by Her­man Koekkoek who filmed our gig at City Art Rot­ter­dam in April 2016. The song is about the dark fate of a home­less man. The synth was entirely built out of sam­ples blow­ing empty bot­tles, those items that he had once tried to make a liv­ing of.


Quelle und Echo — New Project

Here comes the rea­son for a bit of silence on this blog. Sonoscoop has joined forces  with a gifted musi­cian and started a new band: Quelle und Echo.

We are try­ing to find the poppy side of field record­ing there, brew­ing music with the most absurd ingre­di­ents. Have a lis­ten and feel free to drop us a mes­sage. If you think it’s worth lis­ten­ing again, make sure you don’t miss out on our spe­cial for the launch­ing of the web­site. Find out more here.

Documentary Broadcast on September 26

For those of you who speak either Ger­man or French: On Thurs­day, Sep­tem­ber 26 there will be the first tv broad­cast­ing of the doc­u­men­tary “Wir dien­ten Deutsch­land” (en. We served Ger­many). The film por­trays young vet­er­ans who try to find their voice in the pub­lic dis­cus­sion. Sonoscoop wrote the final music for this.
from: Veterans Facing the Corner by Santiago SierraA film by Doku­men­tKino, direc­tor: Knut Beulich

Broad­cast: Sept 26, 23.00 h on Arte

Performance with Sonology Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

graphic score by maria aristotelous

Based on two graphic scores pro­vided by painter Maria Aris­toteleous, the quin­tet impro­vised small move­ments within a drone. Accord­ing to the com­poser the drone rep­re­sents whole­ness and the instru­men­tal­ists resem­ble arche­types react­ing to it.

Younes Riad — elec­tron­ics
Maria Aris­totelous — elec­tron­ics
Richard Bar­rett — elec­tron­ics
Ekke­hard Win­drich — vio­lin
Kathrin Gren­zdörf­fer — electronics

Per­formed at Royal Con­ser­va­toire in The Hague on 29 Novem­ber 2012. Enjoy the excerpt.

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Do Not Forget About Binckhorst — Field Recording

As part of a work­shop at the Royal Con­ser­va­tory in The Hague, stu­dents of Com­po­si­tion, Art Sci­ence, and Sonol­ogy col­lab­o­rate to record the sounds of Binck­horst. This area in The Hague is sit­u­ated close to the rail­ways. Partly run down indus­trial bar­racks stand next to an aes­thetic surgery. Every now and then chicken cross the street. Need­less to say Binck­horst is sub­ject to urban restruc­tur­ing. Yet it is not clear when these plans will be accom­plished but until then we will be happy to record those strik­ing contrasts.

Please check our web­site in order to find out more. The record­ings are being pub­lished on Radio Aporee.

De Geest van Delfshaven

the­atre piece 2010/2011

De Geest van Delfshaven, foto: Léon Richard
foto: Léon Richard

direc­tion, pro­duc­tion, play­wright: De The­ater­straat
record­ings, sound design, foley, com­po­si­tion, edit­ing: Sonoscoop

Dur­ing a tour around Delf­shaven in Rot­ter­dam, chil­dren have to solve rid­dles to give eter­nal rest to a ghost. There­fore, hints are pro­vided via an mp3 player and the envi­ron­ment. As a crossover of radio play and street the­ater, the piece is being staged in spring 2011.

Some parts can be accessed by the play but­ton below.