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Sound Design for The Little Prince

Cre­at­ing those sound­scapes took me tons of syn­thetic star­dust, a floor-shaking plane crash, a bunch of green peas and some secret ingre­di­ents (such as pre­tend­ing a car wash were a vol­cano). And then he sud­denly appeared from outer space: The Lit­tle Prince. A warm thank you goes out to every­body who watched this kids opera between 3 and 4 Feb­ru­ary 2018, com­posed by Basti Bund. Staged by Stiftss­ingschule Laufen, Germany.

Der kleine Prinz

Der kleine Prinz – A kids opera by Basti Bund, book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, sound design by Kathrin Grenzdörffer

8. Zeitform – Open Stage am 31.01.

Eng­lish ver­sion below
Was als Exper­i­ment begann, erhält weit­er­hin leb­haften Zus­pruch: Die Zeit­form, Laufens offene Bühne, geht bere­its in die 8. Runde. Ich freue mich auf noch mehr Ideen. Sie wollen sich anmelden? Schreiben Sie eine E-Mail an

Hav­ing started as an exper­i­ment, the open stage in Laufen now con­stantly brings ideas to life and I am happy to stage its 8th edi­tion. If you’d like to par­tic­i­pate, just send me a message.

Sausage soup and splashing stars

Then we cov­ered the win­dows so the pilots wouldn’t see our Christ­mas tree glow and bomb us,” the 80 year old lady recalls her child­hood in the 1940s. I had the plea­sure to record, edit and mix the con­ver­sa­tions with res­i­dents of a retire­ment home talk­ing about what Christ­mas means to them and what has changed over the decades. Repeat­edly, they insisted on the rel­e­vance of sausage soup on the plate and splash­ing stars on the tree. Their com­ments, inter­mit­ted by them singing Christ­mas car­ols, turned into a pre­cious doc­u­ment of warm voices that carry the joy and the pain of a long life.
Cre­ated in Novem­ber and Decem­ber 2017, an ini­tia­tive by Gitti Edel­mann from Senioren­wohn­heim St. Niko­laus, Obern­dorf, Austria.

Here goes a sound exam­ple of a tra­di­tional Bavar­ian Christ­mas Carol.

Artis­tic direc­tor Gitti Edel­mann catch­ing cables

The com­plete record­ing of 30′ can be acquired by send­ing me a message.

6. Zeitform – Open Stage 29.11.

Illus­tre Men­schen klet­tern wieder aus ihren Köpfen her­aus und zeigen, was sonst ver­bor­gen bleibt. Hier testen Profis neue Werke aus, während der Typ, der gestern beim Bäcker hin­ter einem stand, plöt­zlich ein mitreißen­des Gedicht vor­li­est. Zur 6. Zeit­form erwarten wir neben Lit­er­atur und Live-Musik auch The­ater und gewagte Medi­enkunst. Wir ver­sprechen nichts und hal­ten alles. Ach ja, und ich spiele erst­mals in der neuen Bandformation.

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5. Zeitform – Open Stage 25.10.17

Ideen sind zum Wach­sen da. Wo da? Auf der offe­nen Bühne.
Wir wer­den Schätze heben, von Lit­er­atur über Musik bis hin zu kurzen The­ater­stücken und wis­senschaftlichen Vorträ­gen. Alles ist erlaubt, so lange es keine 7 min überschreitet.

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Open Stage – 4. Zeitform

Zum 4. Mal wird mor­gen die Zeit­form stat­tfinden, das offene Kul­tur­for­mat am Salzachufer. Erlaubt ist alles, was in 7 min passt, vom Live-Painting bis zum Schmähgedicht, ganz zu schweigen von den Klas­sik­ern Lit­er­atur und Musik. Und ganz neben­bei wird es wohl etwas von Quelle und Echo zu hören geben.
Anmel­dun­gen kön­nen bis 19.15 Uhr im Lokal oder per E-Mail erfol­gen.
4. Zeitform

Zeitform – Open Stage on 30 August 2017

Eng­lish ver­sion below

Nach der zweiten gelun­genen Aus­gabe wird die Zeit­form erneut angewen­det, kön­nte man sagen. Zur wohl offen­sten Bühne der Region sind alle eige­nen Ideen willkom­men, vom Reise­bericht über kleine The­ater­stücke bis hin zu Diakunst. Das her­zliche Ambi­ente bietet im Anschluss wie immer Raum für den Aus­tausch untere­inan­der.
3. zeitform
Fol­low­ing the sec­ond suc­cess­ful edi­tion, Zeit­form is going to be applied again, so to say. Any idea of one’s own is wel­come to join the (sup­pos­edly) most open stage in the region, com­pris­ing travel jour­nals, small the­atre pieces as well as slide show art. As always, the warm-hearted atmos­phere offers room for exchange afterwards.

Open Stage Series Launched

After a vibrant pilot in June, I am launch­ing more edi­tions of the open stage event Zeit­form in Laufen, Bavaria. From light­ning pre­sen­ta­tions to exper­i­ments in music, from media art to read­ings, the stage offers a plat­form for any idea off the beaten track. Zeit­form aims at empow­er­ing the cre­ative poten­tial that lies in every­one of us.
The next edi­tion is going to be on Wednes­day, 26 July at Café Con­trast in Laufen.


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Localizing A Village

Between August and Sep­tem­ber 2016 I had the plea­sure to par­tic­i­pate in the site-specific art project ”Ortung” in the Aus­trian Alps. Liv­ing between old sta­ples, long­ing for moun­tain tops, watch­ing tra­di­tional crafts­man­ship and last but not least shar­ing sto­ries with the locals of Stuhlfelden led to pro­duc­tive weeks.

The inter­dis­ci­pli­nary col­lab­o­ra­tions with chore­o­g­ra­phers Toshiko Oka and Karl Bau­mann, media-artists Maria Morschitzky and Thomas Hörl, plus painter Diala Brisly were fruit­ful and always warm-hearted.

The sec­tion “pieces” pro­vides more infor­ma­tion on the solo set which I devel­oped along­side. Here go some snip­pets of ”Fremde Heimatfunde“.

Siberian Shopping Terror

Irkutsk Ulitsa Uritskogo

Toy ani­mals and toy sol­diers crawl­ing on the pave­ment, posh Siber­ian high heels, mega­phones announc­ing the best deals in town, music and all other signs of a con­sumers’  mess. Ulitsa Urit­skogo in Irkutsk, from one end to the other, bin­au­ral recording.

This record­ing is part of a larger series about the sound of Siberia.