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Review of Kemo Listening Stethoscope


Elec­tronic kits can be worth­while for us as field record­ing geeks. This time I bought the Kemo kit for a Lis­ten­ing Stetho­scope since I was inter­ested in ampli­fy­ing the soft­est of sounds, such as wind blow­ing through the trees. For the price of 11.80 €, I was skep­ti­cal at first but with a lit­tle sol­der­ing the board works just fine. The offi­cial prod­uct descrip­tion is quite shady when they say that their device enables you to lis­ten through walls, etc. Appar­ently some­body lacked the fan­tasy of doing some­thing legal with the stethoscope.

How­ever, if you look for a quick and dirty record­ing of soft sounds, the Kemo Lis­ten­ing Stetho­scope is a good choice, since the IC’s triple op amp enhances ordi­nary sounds very well. But still, don’t expect crys­tal clear one-to-one real­is­tic record­ings, you need to be able to either fil­ter out or ignore the high fre­quency noise. Another chal­lenge is to keep the right dis­tance between mic and head­phones because the device is so sen­si­tive that it is prone to feed­back. Need­less to say, you’ll only get a mono recording.

For you to get an impres­sion, I made a very dirty record­ing out of the win­dow with some­body prac­tic­ing the vio­lin next door. I con­nected the head­phone out­put with a male mini jack that went into the line in  of my old Tas­cam DR-07.



Quelle und Echo Live at Madame Claude

10712888_726657840743003_243258571031463777_nAfter their first half-official gigs, Quelle und Echo really go pub­lic. Let’s see which worlds will come to life this time, escap­ing those knobs and faders, voices and string instruments.

Feel free to come around on Decem­ber 13, in Berlin. This is an event you can also find on Face­book.

Quelle und Echo — New Project

Here comes the rea­son for a bit of silence on this blog. Sonoscoop has joined forces  with a gifted musi­cian and started a new band: Quelle und Echo.

We are try­ing to find the poppy side of field record­ing there, brew­ing music with the most absurd ingre­di­ents. Have a lis­ten and feel free to drop us a mes­sage. If you think it’s worth lis­ten­ing again, make sure you don’t miss out on our spe­cial for the launch­ing of the web­site. Find out more here.

Broadcast June 4 on German Channel ZDF Kultur

EckensteherAgain, a good excuse to watch TV. The doc­u­men­tary “Wir dien­ten
Deutsch­land” by direc­tor Knut Beulich will be broad­cast for the sec­ond time. Sonoscoop wrote the sound­track to this. They give us a chance to watch it twice, at 20.15 h and at 01.05 h.

Where Is the Any-Key? A Simple Computer Keyboard Synth

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-04 um 12.22.47My nephews who are 8 years old asked me to pro­gram a sim­ple instru­ment for them to fid­dle around.  This was my sug­ges­tion, a com­bi­na­tion of Pure Data’s recy­cled wavetable synth which allows chang­ing the tim­bre by just draw­ing. Pitch is con­trolled by the keys. Press and jam! If you need an Eng­lish man­ual instead of the Ger­man one, please let me know.

Please make sure you have ezdac~ and syn­th­claco installed in the same direc­tory, so PD can access them.


Release on Haze Netlabel

As part of the netlabel’s series “Sound Inter­pre­ta­tions”, Sonoscoop con­tributed the lat­est piece “Try to leave this build­ing”. The song is entirely based on field record­ings at Berlin’s main station.logo1

You can down­load the exper­i­men­tal pack­age of all con­tri­bu­tions for free here:


New EP coming

Sonoscoop is cur­rently occu­py­ing the stu­dio in order to pro­duce the lat­est pieces. More infor­ma­tion will follow.

Live in Het Klooster Rotterdam

On Decem­ber 21 the Goethe-Institut Rot­ter­dam will host a night full of sonorous sound as part of the per­for­mance series orga­nized by Vrooom. Sonoscoop is going to play a show with Ekke­hard Win­drich that night, send­ing field record­ings through sequencers and sam­plers.
Face­book event


Stream Performance Radio Calling

Radio Calling - Kathrin Grenzdörffer - photo leonrichardVio­lently bend­ing field record­ings to fit the require­ments of happy music, the piece “It’s time you enjoyed your job” was devel­oped in the frame­work of Radio Call­ing. The radio per­for­mance event was orga­nized by the gallery TENT Rot­ter­dam in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Cam­den Arts Cen­tre Lon­don. The per­for­mance took place on 15 Decem­ber 2013 at TENT and it could be accessed via the art mag­a­zine This Is Tomor­row (sorry, it’s no longer there).