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Wine Tasting

This is another exam­ple of “things may look good but sound ter­ri­ble”. I was attend­ing a wine tast­ing one day which was given by experts. Please for­give me, I had a free ticket.
It was only through record­ing that I dis­cov­ered how uncom­fort­able the sit­u­a­tion was. The speaker’s fine suit does not appear in the record­ing, but the tim­bre of his voice is a bet­ter hint, I think.

If your dutch is rusty, this is a trans­la­tion of what is being said.
-“The sec­ond glass.“
-“I don’t have any­thing yet.“
-“Oh, he drank it all.“
-“Any­body an idea what the… the sec­ond glass is?“
-“Exactly the same wine”

New Long-Term Project

Try­ing to set some ideas straight, I decided to work on an essay that explores the poten­tials of elec­tronic sound for song­writ­ing. So far, most lit­er­a­ture on elec­tronic music appears to be either too tech­ni­cal or too arty — at least for my taste.
This essay is to find out how to use elec­tronic sound as a mean­ing­ful nar­ra­tive ele­ment in a song. The arti­cle “I will take what’s there and make it mine” will grow over time, feel free to stop by and com­ment every now and then. 

Your Little Protest In Spring

On a cross­roads in Barcelona pro­tes­tors appear out of nowhere. They are not many but they block the traf­fic. tourists com­ment, dri­vers blow their horns and the poor pro­tes­tors’ whis­tles almost drown in the noise at the cross­roads.
Recorded in april 2011

The Captured Sound

gefangenerschallright on my desk there is this col­or­ful children’s book, called “der gefan­gene schall”, engl. the cap­tured sound. as i am busy doing research for a new piece, i had to feed my pro­gram a line to fid­dle around. so far it per­fectly describes this flawy patch. and more, maybe.

Welcome, tourist!

a friendly photo automat in a touris­tic but hos­tile spot. but wait, this machine’s invi­ta­tion sounds like a trap, does it?

Gypsy Kids

boy singing at night, sur­rounded by his sib­lings. i still won­der whether the tragedy in his voice is the expres­sion of suf­fer­ing or pure drama. maybe both?
recorded in a pedes­trian zone in mostar, bosnia.