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Wohnzimmer – das Private wird Klang

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So entsteht aus vie­len Wohnz­im­mern ein Instrument

Was geschieht, wenn man den Klang unter­schiedlicher Wohnz­im­mer übere­inan­der schichtet? Welche Schön­heit ent­fal­tet der Klang am Ende und wer­den pri­vate Rück­zug­sorte dann greif­bar? Solchen Fra­gen will das Kun­st­pro­jekt “Wohnz­im­mer” an der Schnittstelle zwis­chen Klangkunst, Fel­dauf­nahme und Community-Arts nachge­hen. “Wohnz­im­mer” ist im Grunde nichts anderes als ein akustis­cher Kettenbrief.

Man braucht:

  • USB-Stick mit den Auf­nah­men der Vorgänger
  • Laut­sprecher, z.B. Hifi-Anlage
  • Auf­nah­megerät, z.B. Smartphone
  • Inter­netverbindung
  • Wohnz­im­mer

Hier ist die Anleitung:


Die Auf­nahme war schon bei Ihnen und Sie haben mit­gemacht? Danke! Sie haben Prob­leme? Schade. Weiter unten geht’s zum Trou­bleshoot­ing.
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Dead end?

IMAG0017At the end of the tra­di­tional car­ni­val pro­ces­sion, the wag­gons and orches­tras were sup­posed to dis­solve in a nar­row street. But they just didn’t. The Bavar­ian samba band insists on play­ing on, while a trac­tor is blow­ing its foghorns, finally giv­ing way to the dis­torted bass from other loud­speak­ers. Acousti­cally the medieval street works like an inti­mate boom­box for this lovely mess.
Recorded at Rottmayrstrasse, Laufen, Feb­ru­ary 2018


A Little Chat In The Sink


Next to his alpine hut 2000 m above sea level, the owner uses his wooden sink to draw water from the nearby arti­fi­cial lake. To make a long story short, you will hear water doing happy drum­ming, cap­tured with two piezo mics. This post­ing is the only way to avoid pub­lish­ing the beau­ti­ful silence up there, really, it could never be played back.
Recorded at Tauern­moosseealm, Hohe Tauern, Austria

Siberian Shopping Terror

Irkutsk Ulitsa Uritskogo

Toy ani­mals and toy sol­diers crawl­ing on the pave­ment, posh Siber­ian high heels, mega­phones announc­ing the best deals in town, music and all other signs of a con­sumers’  mess. Ulitsa Urit­skogo in Irkutsk, from one end to the other, bin­au­ral recording.

This record­ing is part of a larger series about the sound of Siberia.

Deep Down In The Mine

kovárna mine, entranceThe intestines of Sněžka, the high­est moun­tain of Karkonosze, have been restored only recently. A group of stu­dents redis­cov­ered the huge his­tor­i­cal Kovárna mine and made it acces­si­ble to the pub­lic. Lis­ten to the stun­ning acoustics deep down in the mine, when one guided tour min­gled with the sec­ond which was twenty meters above us. Also, descend­ing from steel lad­ders is audi­ble. The rever­ber­a­tion truly reveals the mountain’s own music.
Recorded in Kovárna mine, Karkonosze National Park, Czech Republic.

The Bus Stop Opposite Of The Refinery

Refinery Botlek with contact mic on glassChem­i­cal Indus­try is the main focus in Botlek Har­bor. For miles one sees only refiner­ies that resem­ble weird build­ings in outer space. There is whistling every­where, the chim­neys are like the pipes of a giant flute. This is an exper­i­ment try­ing to cap­ture this impres­sion on a windy day with two con­tact micro­phones which were glued to the win­dow of a bus stop. The glass enhances the whistling of the refin­ery and adds its own acoustic qual­i­ties.
Recorded on Botlek­weg, Rotterdam.

The First Grass on the New Beach

grass on the new dune on maasvlakte 2

As part of the mas­sive exten­sion of the Port of Rot­ter­dam a huge arti­fi­cial beach was con­structed to make the heav­ily indus­tri­al­ized area of Maasvlakte 2 also attrac­tive for leisure. Lis­ten to the wind blow­ing from inside the grass on the youngest dune of Hol­land. But wait, some­thing is wrong with the sup­pos­edly fresh grass, isn’t it?