Fremde Heimatfunde — Foreign Findings

Dur­ing the res­i­dency pro­gram Ortung in Stuhlfelden, Aus­tria, I devel­oped a solo set, reflect­ing on the music and the sto­ries in the vil­lage. On the musi­cal level every­day objects were rein­ter­preted as rough instru­ments and recorded sounds were turned into vir­tual instru­ments in order to invent tra­di­tional music. Two ana­log instru­ments werde built dur­ing that period: the ”Paz­i­fis­ten­bo­gen“, a plucked bow for archery put on a res­onat­ing bucket, and the ”Uschin­del“, a sort of marimba of shin­gles which were lined up accord­ing to the Ara­bic scale.

Here go some snip­pets of the solo set “Fremde Heimatfunde”.