Sonoscoop – Intro

A sonoscoop is like a kalei­do­scope for sound. Here I intro­duce my sound related work, com­pris­ing sound design, com­po­si­tions and radio plays as well as exper­i­men­tal elec­tron­ics and fairly digestible per­for­mances. For sev­eral years I have also worked as a pro­fes­sional trans­la­tor, e.g. for the audio soft­ware com­pany Able­ton. To me, sound art is a vast and beau­ti­ful field with count­less points of entry.

It all depends on how you hold your sonoscoop. It’s a lis­ten­ing position.

field recording in chabarovsk, Russia

Kathrin Gren­zdörf­fer cap­tur­ing sound in the port of Khabarovsk, Russia