Performance with Sonology Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

graphic score by maria aristotelous

Based on two graphic scores pro­vided by painter Maria Aris­toteleous, the quin­tet impro­vised small move­ments within a drone. Accord­ing to the com­poser the drone rep­re­sents whole­ness and the instru­men­tal­ists resem­ble arche­types react­ing to it.

Younes Riad — elec­tron­ics
Maria Aris­totelous — elec­tron­ics
Richard Bar­rett — elec­tron­ics
Ekke­hard Win­drich — vio­lin
Kathrin Gren­zdörf­fer — electronics

Per­formed at Royal Con­ser­va­toire in The Hague on 29 Novem­ber 2012. Enjoy the excerpt.

Sonology Ensemble left

Maria Aristotelous

Sonology Ensemble right

Kathrin Grenzdörffer