Sausage soup and splashing stars

Then we cov­ered the win­dows so the pilots wouldn’t see our Christ­mas tree glow and bomb us,” the 80 year old lady recalls her child­hood in the 1940s. I had the plea­sure to record, edit and mix the con­ver­sa­tions with res­i­dents of a retire­ment home talk­ing about what Christ­mas means to them and what has changed over the decades. Repeat­edly, they insisted on the rel­e­vance of sausage soup on the plate and splash­ing stars on the tree. Their com­ments, inter­mit­ted by them singing Christ­mas car­ols, turned into a pre­cious doc­u­ment of warm voices that carry the joy and the pain of a long life.
Cre­ated in Novem­ber and Decem­ber 2017, an ini­tia­tive by Gitti Edel­mann from Senioren­wohn­heim St. Niko­laus, Obern­dorf, Austria.

Here goes a sound exam­ple of a tra­di­tional Bavar­ian Christ­mas Carol.

Artis­tic direc­tor Gitti Edel­mann catch­ing cables

The com­plete record­ing of 30′ can be acquired by send­ing me a message.