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Zeitform – Open Stage on 30 August 2017

Eng­lish ver­sion below

Nach der zweiten gelun­genen Aus­gabe wird die Zeit­form erneut angewen­det, kön­nte man sagen. Zur wohl offen­sten Bühne der Region sind alle eige­nen Ideen willkom­men, vom Reise­bericht über kleine The­ater­stücke bis hin zu Diakunst. Das her­zliche Ambi­ente bietet im Anschluss wie immer Raum für den Aus­tausch untere­inan­der.
3. zeitform
Fol­low­ing the sec­ond suc­cess­ful edi­tion, Zeit­form is going to be applied again, so to say. Any idea of one’s own is wel­come to join the (sup­pos­edly) most open stage in the region, com­pris­ing travel jour­nals, small the­atre pieces as well as slide show art. As always, the warm-hearted atmos­phere offers room for exchange afterwards.

Open Stage Series Launched

After a vibrant pilot in June, I am launch­ing more edi­tions of the open stage event Zeit­form in Laufen, Bavaria. From light­ning pre­sen­ta­tions to exper­i­ments in music, from media art to read­ings, the stage offers a plat­form for any idea off the beaten track. Zeit­form aims at empow­er­ing the cre­ative poten­tial that lies in every­one of us.
The next edi­tion is going to be on Wednes­day, 26 July at Café Con­trast in Laufen.


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